Stop Homophobia

Sean Ingram
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This world we live in. There is so much hate. This very hate consumes individuals to hate people they've never even met! Not to mention a lifestyle that has absolutely no effect on their own! We as humans are so much alike as we are different. There's no need to try to control another person's life or decisions. Slavery ended over 150 years ago. Why suddenly, does it feel like it's returned? Love not hate. In signing this petition, I am not implying that you should be gay. It is to get awareness out there that equality is important. Whether gay, black, white, or among any ethnicity, a person should be allowed to be married no matter if it's same sex or not, and make their own decisions. (even if marriage is not your thing, it should be an option). We need to drop those old-world views because they do not apply anymore. Times are changing, so we should change with them. Being gay should never bother you, if it does your hating an idea, a lifestyle, then in result hating a person who loves you and accepts you without any allegations. How is that fair? That's like saying pizza sucks. Let's spread love and equality, by abolishing hate. Now go get some pizza. After you sign of course...down there...  





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    Sean Ingram United States
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