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Stop HIPAA Breaches Today: Say No To Vaccination Status Disclosure Mandates

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Hello, everyone.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the United States, as well as our international allies, have suffered an egregious criminal act against the protections enstated by the WHO (World Health Organization, who conducts the assessment, filing, and mandated requirements for patient safety with the help of local and international judicial approval) to create a "safe space" for highly sensitive patient data, up to, and including, but certainly not limited to, the right for patients to protect themselves from scrutiny regarding their health status, their innoculation status, and their rights to accept or deny treatment, disclosure through third parties, and disclosure of any of these related terms through a proxy without clear consent via signature or written consent.

When HIPAA (in its expanded form, the "Health Informatiom Portability & Accountability Act") was drafted and ultimately signed in 1996, its intentions were upheld originally to preserve the victims' of the HIV/AIDS outbreak (similar enough in severity to the COVID-19 outbreaks) privacy as they were treated or assessed, with expansion to legally cover each and all medical factors of treatment for the sake of accountability on the parts of all parties involved in discovering, handling, or transferring medical data, within both the medical sector, and further applied to day-to-day speech between communities.

The openness and, what's worse, the mandates attempting to be placed on the public to disclose and apply their vaccination statuses, directly breaks the Federal Statutes of the United States which support HIPAA, as well as the International applications of this document.

With your signature, it is my hope that pharmaceutical companies will no longer be able to override Federal and International Law with Corporate Contracts, which defy the basis of all law: the protection of morality in the face of mass injustice, and its limitations on people's rights to live by their own choices to protect and preserve their bodies as vessels for their pursuit of their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuits of their happiness through the dignities of risk.

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