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We, the undersigned residents of North Canyon Ranch HOA and nearby communities, oppose the installation of a Goodwill used merchandise store and donation center at the anchor site formerly occupied by Safeway (23425 N. 39th Drive, at the northeast corner of N. 39th Drive and W. Pinnacle Peak Road, AKA North Canyon Ranch shopping center). We feel a Goodwill store at this location will have detrimental impact on property values in the surrounding neighborhoods. We petition as follows:

1) To Withey Morris PLC, agent for Goodwill of Central Arizona: We request that your client abandon all efforts to locate a Goodwill store at the North Canyon Ranch Shopping Center. It is not compatible with our neighborhood. In protest of the detrimental impact this store will have on our community, we will cease donations to your organization and will not shop at any Goodwill store.

2) To the landlord of the proposed site, PLC Pinnacle Peak, LLC: We request that you do not consider Goodwill as a tenant, and obtain an alternative tenant who fits the character and needs of our community. We offer our support in locating a tenant that will help attract and retain other quality businesses to the area.

3) To City of Phoenix Councilwoman Thelda Williams: We request that you support the surrounding homeowners and prevent the granting of a zoning adjustment (Application ZA-20-14) to enable second hand or used merchandise sales at this situs.

4) To Mayor Greg Stanton and Vice Mayor Bill Gates: We, your constituents, request that you stand up for our community by helping to block the location of a Goodwill store at the North Canyon Ranch Shopping Center, by helping to secure a more appropriate tenant suitable for our neighborhood.

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