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Stop Fluoridation of Northern Ireland's Water

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The Government is proposing to add fluoride to Northern Ireland's water. Hydrofluorosilicic acid, the chemical used to fluoridate water, is the hazardous waste product from the aluminium and phosphate fertilizer industries. It is scrubbed off the chimneys of the factories and, in the process, gets mixed with other extremely hazardous substances such as uranium, antimony, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

It is highly toxic and can cause illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, dental and skeletal fluorosis, thyroid problems, infertility, lower IQ, gastrointestinal problems, sarcoidosis. Fluoride is used in rat poison, insecticides, teflon (used in non stick pots and some surgical implants), any drugs containing fluorine such as Prozac and also in Sarin Nerve Gas.

Being forced to drink fluoridated water means that you are being medicated against your will, which is illegal and immoral. The Northern Ireland Government say that it is the most cost effective way to help prevent tooth decay. However as only 1% of water is actually used as drinking water, it would be an enormous waste of money costing millions of pounds at a time of austerity. Moreover, all studies show that fluoride only helps with tooth decay in young children if applied topically ie directly onto the teeth. There is no benefit whatsoever by ingesting it.

The Center for Disease Control and the American Dental Association have both stated that fluoridated water should never be used when making infant formula. Water fluoridation is in breach of over 32 European Union laws and treaties.

If you don't want you or your family to be poisoned:

1. Contact your MLA

2. Contact the Health Minister

3. Inform your friends, neighbours and colleagues about the dangers of fluoride and visit our website:

4. Inform the media

5. Please sign our petition

6. E-mail us if you want to help us with our campaign

"This amounts to public murder on a grand scale, it is a public crime to put fluoride in drinking water"

- Dr Dean Burk, former head of the National Cancer Institute

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