Stop eating products from corn fed cows

Xzavier Forsberg
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First I'm going to explain the process of corn production and then I'm going to explain the environmental affects of corn fed cows being such a large part of our food supply. I ask that you stop eating beef and dairy from corn fed cows.  Here is why.


Corn is grown with genetically modified corn which requires specific petroleum based pesticides and fertilizers to grow.  The water from rainfall and from watering the corn runs off into rivers and streams and seeps into the ground and contaminates ground water.  Entire towns and ecosystems have been damaged and destroyed from this runoff.


Then the corn is fed to the cows.  And since they are not meant to eat corn, biologically cows are ruminants which is why they are only meant to eat grass.  So  cows get sick from eating corn and 

they fart a lot more than they would if fed their proper diet and their fart contains methane.  Methane is a really bad gas that causes global warming.  It does this by creating an outer layer in the atmosphere of gas that makes so that heat can’t leave the earth and this wrecks havoc on our weather systems creating more and more destructive storms or extreme weather.  

It also is bad for humans because when we eat them we get sick and that is really bad because we only know of the short term illnesses and there could be long term ones like Cancer and Alzheimer's.  


So corn pollutes water ways and our water supply; the corn fed cows get sick and sicken people with things like e coli and the cows are given antibiotics and hormones which are then in the meat and milk humans consume and then people get sick and/or antibiotic resistant which means antibiotics won't work when the people need them.


I hope I have convinced you to sign my petition and eat less corn fed beef

 and dairy and make this world a better place one step at a time.





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