Stop Ethnic Apartheid before Construction of Abay Dam!

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Stop Ethnic Apartheid before Construction of Abay Dam! We Ethiopian living in Norway strongly urge the Norwegian Authority and international community to take action and support for the struggle of justice, freedom and democracy against the gross human right abuse, crime and the atrocity committing by the Ethno centric Ethiopian regime in the name of development. We have learned that the butcher TPLF money laundry groups, plan to have the so called “bond selling” money collecting and looting technique in Stavanger area on April 20, 2013. Most of the organizers of this event are selected minority class robots, flee from our country as if they had problem with their masters and apply for asylum in this country and then as soon as they granted asylum status, they prevail their true nature and starts serving their masters with their soul, and we will confirm and aware them that they are going to face justice for their misuse of the asylum system of their hosting country. So peace, justice, freedom and democracy lovers, and compatriots strongly oppose such kind of day light robbery; and we like to collect 1000 signatures to deliver to concerned Norwegian Authority, intentional community and organizations. So we kindly ask Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopian to show your solidarity by signing this petition. Ethiopia shall prevail!




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    DANIEL MULU Norway
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