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Stop Animal Endangerment and Extinction

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          I want to stop animals from becoming extinct because every day more and more animals are becoming extinct. These days people are doing very little to help stop this and save a lot of animal species.

My solution to try and stop animal endangerment/extinction is that I think it should be illegal to hunt, wound or kill animals if their population is 700,000 or less and that it is illegal to throw trash in the sea and that if someone wants to destroy a habitat, they
can’t destroy it if there is three or more endangered species living in it. 

Reasons Animals are Endangered or Extinct

One of the main reasons behind animal endangerment/extinction is loss of habitat. Loss of habitat happens mostly because of what humans do, such as deforestation. Another reason for animal endangerment/extinction is overexploitation. This means animals are hunted for their skin, fur, meat, or sometimes they are killed just for fun. Another reason for animal endangerment/extinction is climate change, which is a change in weather and temperature. Another reason for animal endangerment/extinction is pollution, this is man-made. A few examples of some animals that have become extinct because of these reasons are the Passenger Pigeon, the Quagga, the Archaeopteryx, the Saber-Toothed Cat, the Plesiosaur, and the Dodo Bird.









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