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Stop deleting Facebook roleplayers

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How do you think people feel when you deleted their Facebooks? Right before Christmas, you deleted so many people, all around the world who had roleplaying Facebook accounts, and for what reason? It seems unfair, doesn’t it, especially at this time of year. Some people feel as if they died a little inside. No one can help but feel a bit somber. You should not have deleted the roleplayer’s facebooks. First of all, the roleplayers cause absolutely no known harm. Most don’t go around, randomly hating on random people. They hold absolutely no hatred nor grudges towards anyone, unless that person gives them a good reason to. The best part of all, if someone is mean to another roleplayer, hey just block them; it’s really quite easy. Roleplayers are a family. Like families, it’s not right to tear them apart, and that’s exactly what you’re doing by deleting their accounts. Have you ever considered how many people are in roleplay relationships? You deleted both a roleplayer and a roleplayer’s roleplay husband. What if she didn’t have his phone number? How would she stay in contact with him? For some people, Facebook is the best thing they’ve got. Roleplayers are actually some of the most intelligent people you’ll meet on Facebook. Most of them write in paragraph form and after awhile, it’s almost as if they’ve written their own novel. Many roleplayers even say that overtime, their writing skills have developed and matured at a pleasantly increasing rate. In fact, many roleplayers are from all over the world and they learn about different cultures and customs. Some even start learning parts of different languages. What roleplayers really want to know right now is what they did. They were innocent, minding their own business, going about their holiday traditions, when all of a sudden they get a text from their friend or try to log on and they find out then that they’re banned. They respect Facebook, and you, Mr, Zuckerberg. Obviously you’re very intelligent to have created such a great site. Sure, some of the changes they might complain about, but overall, they respect it. However, when you go and delete them, how do you expect to earn respect? The only counterargument is that they spam, annoy or harass others. But that’s hardly the truth. Yes, there will always be rotten apples in the bunch, but why punish them all? Mature roleplayers do not harass, spam or annoy. In fact, it’s never the roleplayers that are annoying. Rather, it’s the nonroleplayers. Roleplayers say time and time again that they are not the characters, nor the actors, but a lot of nonroleplayers see otherwise. That’s sort of irrelevant, but it’s the truth. Roleplayers cause no harm and millions fail to see why you deleted their accounts that they held so dear to their hearts. Roleplay became their hobby, and did not fail to save many lives. I know a few people who would have taken their own lives, had they not met such wonderful roleplay friends who talked them out of it and showed them that they had something to live for. The point is, they did nothing wrong; you should not have deleted their roleplay accounts. How would you feel if someone took their life because of this?

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