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Stop Daybreak's Neglect, Help the NA servers of Dragon's Prophet

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I am writing this in regards to the North American servers for Dragon's Prophet. The game has been receiving a high degree of neglect, and it is becoming an increasing concern that makes the remaining players wonder about the future of these servers.

People have been begging on the forums for some sort of response from Daybreak about what is going on for weeks, if not months, and all they seem to get is their threads locked, deleted, or ignored altogether. I am aware that this is a Free-to-play game, but I've paid several hundred dollars in the last two years for this game. I know a great deal of players who have spent about as much as I have, if not a lot more, while playing on the NA servers. Paying customers should not be treated with this amount of neglect, and it is very sad that such poor customer service and game management is what drove much of our player base over to the European servers, or to other games entirely.

The game no longer receives its weekly maintenance. Game play has gotten unstable, and there have been several accounts of zone crashes, where sometimes they are down for days at a time before the game receives any sort of attention. Situations like this are seemingly the only times the servers get rebooted, usually because players submit tickets about them and request the reboot. Just today, there were numerous issues with the servers and there have been no responses from Daybreak as to what happened. Here is a link to a thread from the forums regarding that issue:

It has been several months since the game has seen any sort of update in the Marketplace, which SOE used to update every other Friday or so. We are numerous patches behind the EU version, the last patch we received was back in April, and even then that only patched in part of the Sitheran content - we still do not have the quests or zones for the lv102 Laedis Equipment. Daybreak told us they would give us the other half of that patch the following week, but here we are 2 months later with no patch and no word from Daybreak about why they have delayed giving it.

We have events still active that should have been removed months ago, such as the Chinese Valentine's Day, Ancient Shadow Festival, Dragon Parade Festival, and parts of the Silver Dragon Festival. We have part of Midas Moonlight - only 2 of the events from it, whereas EU has 6 or 7 of them. We never got the shop to purchase items with Midas currency that we were told we would get. We also never received the Ostara Day or Creation Festival events this year. Players asked if we were going to get them, and we never got any responses.

I understand that it is Daybreak's choice to either continue running the NA servers or to terminate them. I (and many many other players) don't want them to kill the game, but at this rate, I just want to be kept informed about what Daybreak's intentions are with it. That is all most of the players have ever asked for: communication. And we don't even get that.

I am writing this in hopes that someone will read this, and be able to help address these issues and have this game and it's player base treated properly.

If I get enough signatures, I will include a link to this petition in a email version that I will send to Runewaker's support, as well as several contacts that may be able to help.

We got a new Dev!!

As of 4:00pm EST 24 June, I will temporarily close this petition to allow time for our new Dev to work on getting our game up to speed. If the condition of the game improves with the developer's help, then I will no longer be sending this to Runewaker and other contacts and will permanently close this petition.

I understand that some players may want to keep pushing this, but I really wanna give this guy a chance to try and turn this game around. Just the posts he made on the forum so far show that he seems to be proactive and trying to get things squared away. I spoke with him earlier today, to let him know of our concerns (and even linked him to this, and to which he responded very promptly) and his focus at the moment is to get the game patched up to where it needs to be and to move on from there. If he gives the game the attention that we've been asking for, then as I said above, I see no reason to continue with this, because we will have achieved the goal that this petition was intended to do.

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