Stop communities in Second Life from barring Anthros

Sara Cormier
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So many communities in Second Life are misunderstood about the concept of anthros (anthropomorphic animal characters). Many view them as not regular people in the virtual world, that they're just animals or they're nothing more than cartoons. Some people think of them as too unrealistic to be part of groups that are supposed to simulate real life, that they belong in science fiction or that they're supernatural. Then there's those who use the derogative and stereotypical term "furries". While some members of the furry fandom are okay with this term, others consider it very racial and biased. And then there are those whop only consider anthros to be sex addicts, always doing something yiffy. Believe me, I've been around a lot of people and places in Second Life. And most of the yiff I've seen comes from human characters and avatars.

To me, there is so much in Second Life that is unfair to a community that has grown over the years in Sthe virtual world, but in the real world as well. Anthros are everywhere; online, in media, in video games, even in the form of fursuiters. It's a community that shouldn't have any biased or harsh criticism toward just because of a few rogues. Look how many people in the world have done horrible things, and yet the entire society that they came form isn't completely blamed. Why should the furry fandom not be considered equals to everyone else? Especially in the virtual world!

There should be no more biased toward this community. They deserve to be welcomed everywhere just like everyone else. And groups and communities who say that they don't belong should be avoided. That's why you should sign this petition. Anthros should be allowed to enter any community as if they were regular people. They should be allowed to be part of other communities and participate in other activities, just like everyone else in Second Life.

So I ask you, please sign this petition, in hopes that people who are an anthro at heart, like me, and like so many others, can be free to express themselves as who they are everywhere in the virtual world of Second Life. Show everyone that just because someone's different it doesn't mean they don't belong!



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