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STOP child protection Australia from legally STEALING our children!

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This petition is created to hopefully raise awareness on how deceitful child protection practitioners are and to what levels the go to legally STEAL our children. I'm aiming to reach 10,000 signatures to send onto Australia's priminister "Scott John Morrisson" to hopefully make a change to the corrupt child protection system so that they can not destroy our precious children OUR FUTURE! anymore!


(Child protection)

Their goal: Take as many children as possible from famlies, because the more children they take, the more federal reimbursement bucks the agency gets, the more power it accrues, and the more people it can hire. The primary interest of all bureaucracies like D.H.H.S is to get as much money and power as possible, in an ever upward spiral.

Their method: Dirty tricks!!

Dirty Trick No. One

D.H.H.S child protection practitioners will pretend to help you, when infact they are really gathering evidence to take your children away from you! It's a new police state out there.

The first Child protections dirty trick is making you think they would NEVER use dirty tricks to take your children away! Beneath the nice exterior of your friendly Child protection practitioner is a person whose job is to take children, your children. D.H.H.S takes children from about 25% of the families for which they provide services, and that percentage is on the increase. That's where the $$$ in child protection is. Federal reimbursements go 90% to the foster care end of the business, and about 10% to family help.

They are Only There to Help

D.H.H.S is there to help you, right?

Some child protection practitioners want to help families, and some don't. However, the system itself does not want to help, but to take your kids. Most Child protection practitioners don't know the money politics behind the edicts from above. They are just instructed to take kids wherever possible. Even judges cannot reign the D.H.H.S in. So they do as they please, not what the law allows or requires. They have managed to form their own secret police,

Some parents ask the D.H.H.S for "voluntary services", only to find out too late that was a big mistake. When you ask for help, they start looking closely, and find that the reason for the request for help is usually a good enough reason to take the children. Asking D.H.H.S for help is literally asking to have your children taken away!

The Law Requires Them to Try to Unite Families

The law says that D.H.H.S must try to unite families.

"It is hereby declared to be the policy of this commonwealth to direct its efforts, first, to the strengthening and encouragement of family life for the care and protection of children; to assist and encourage the use by any family of all available resources to this end; and to provide substitute care of children only when the family itself or the resources available to the family are unable to provide the necessary care and protection.

The Friendly Social Worker is Not Your Friend

So, their first dirty trick is to say they want to help you. Don't fall for it. They will offer "services", and home visits, and nice chats about your life and the bad things your spouse did. Be nice, but don't buy it. They do not want to help you. Be pleasant, if you talk, or accept their ‘services', you may never see your children again!

Can This Be Happening in Australia?

If you foolishly think that D.H.H.S will play by the rules, then they will exploit your weakness, and take your children. If you play by the rules, they will exploit that, and take your children. But if you know how the game is played, you may have a chance to keep your children, or get them back after they are taken. The secret police can be outsmarted!

You will likely ask yourself, "How can this be happening in Australia?" It Is happening, and it is because politicians have been willing to compromise liberty and family rights for support from radical political groups who demanded these laws. While no one was watching, these people stole our Australian System of law and due process, and family rights, and liberty, and quietly substituted this new nightmare of a secret police system that you are now dealing with.

People assume that they will get justice in our courts. No longer. It's gone! The old Australia that respected family privacy is gone. A new Soviet-style system has taken its place. The sooner you acknowledge that horrible reality, the sooner you stop believing that the old system just has to give you justice, the sooner you can start fighting back in an effective manner!

Dirty Trick No. Three

Child protection practitioners will try to get you to talk. SHUT UP!! Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law to take and keep your children.


Everything You Say Will be Used Against You in a Court of Law To Take Your Kids. Shut up until your tongue bleeds if you have to. You may have a hurt tongue, but you'll have your kids!

The two most important words to know in dealing with D.H.H.S child practitioners are "SHUT UP". You have the right to remain silent, but they will try to get you to talk. They will threaten you, smile at you, tell you they will take your kids if you don't talk, anything to get you to talk. Without your words, they have only what they can coerce out of your children, doctors, friends, school snitches, or therapists.

Of course, everyone has heard the "Miranda" warning on cop shows and movies, about the right to remain silent. Well, it is true. More people than you would ever believe go to jail because of what they themselves told the police. It's the same with D.H.H.S only kids are at stake, not a criminal prosecution!

You have to be quiet about anything involving your family, while all the while showing that you are being "cooperative" and complying with the child protection practitioner, This is not an easy task being cooperative and silent at the same time, but you must do it!

"If You Talk, We May Go Easier On You"

The child protection practitioners will try to convince you to talk, because she/he only wants to "help" you, and they will make trouble for you if you don't. Don't believe them. Without your "disclosures", unless they can get the information from some other source, they can't do as much harm. Put another way, with your disclosures, they Can harm you and your children!

Many people panic, feeling that they have nothing to hide, so they talk. However, if you do, you may never see your children again. Why? Because these are trained interrogators, and you are no match for them.

What do they want to talk about? Anything, because you will eventually give them a tidbit about abuse here, a "disclosure" there, maybe a story about your husband spanking the children, and then, out of your own mouth, they have their case against you!

For example, if you admit to having trouble with your partner, the child protection practitioner may force you to get a restraining order, and throw the "abuser" out. You will have to write out a statement under oath about the "abuse". Then, they have their case against your family, using your own words in a court of law to prove there is "domestic violence".

If you talk, you will destroy your family by your own words. You may have merely complained about some minor thing about your spouse or partner, but you just made their case for them. You may never see your children again. So, SHUT UP! I cannot say it too forcefully, or enough



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