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Stop the harassment and complaining in Combat Arms

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There is an obvious problem in Combat Arms: Harassment and complaining. Without complaining there isn't harassment, and without harassment there isn't complaining.

But with either, there is the other.

We need to fix this. Combat Arms could split apart because of this problem!

Before I tell you how you can help, let's define harassment vs. QQ. Harassment is more when you say, "YOU *BEEP*ER YOU SUCK AT THIS GAME OH MY GOODNESS I HATE YOU LOSER". or "Suck it"

QQ is more like, "Wow, hacker." or simply "wow" every time you die.

How to help

Here's how you can help with this movement, to bring it to everyone in Combat Arms:

1. Megaphones.

If you have a megaphone, display a message about this thread. You can use the URL, (, or you can create a tinyURL for it to save space.

You can make the message however you want, but make it persuasive, such as "Please look at this petition to do your part to stop harassment and complaining in Combat Arms."

or "Want a harassment and QQ free Combat Arms? Sign the petition!".

We have chosen the acronym FAH (Fight Against Harassment).

2. In game

By signing this petition, you're agreeing to not only help spread out the word, but also to apply the word! Don't be a QQer or harasser. Be nice.

You can also spread the word by adding people who seem to hate QQers and telling them about this petition.

3. Write and use the goals.

When you sign the petition, there are three text boxes of goals for you. The first one is a goal such as "I want to reach 2lt by next month" or "I want to get a 1.50 kdr" or "I want to get all the Achievements in Combat Arms". This is simply for fun: and if you choose the right kind of goal, it will help you to be less reluctant to be killed.

The second one is for a goal such as, "I will no longer say the f word." Once you've completed this goal, you can make another related goal such as "I will never say the s word". You can even shoot higher and say, "I will never talk down to someone".

The last one is for a goal such as, "I will no longer call someone a hacker unless I have seen at least 5 suspicious incidents, or a couple of extremely suspicious incidents."

Note: Please put your in game name in the name box rather than your real life name. Thanks.

Please, please please please take this seriously and do your part. What's the motivation? Think about a Combat Arms where everyone says "nice shot" or "wow you're skilled!" vs. the regular "MAN YOU HACK THERE'S NO WAY YOU CAN DO THAT!"

If you've played at all in Combat Arms, you've seen the most ridiculous hackusations. "YOU GOT A DOUBLE KILL OMG YOU HACKER". Just imagine forever leaving these behind. That is motivation enough for me. It should be for you.

Don't think "Well, this won't work. No one will see it!" That will get you no where. Act as if you will die unless you get this message out. Now go out and tell EVERYONE about this! The more people see this, the more will see it, and the more will see it, the less QQ will happen every day. It's a chain effect. Be part of the chain, not the chain breaker.

Join FAH.


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