To Stop B.E.T. Networks negative racial programming

Tierney Pryor
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This petition is to have B.E.T change its deragatory programming targeted towards African Americans. This will hopefully encourage positive programming that will uplift the black community. I'm tired. Of seeing Boys in the hood, Menace to society and other films that express the idea that young black males are all gang members. I'm also tired of the repetitive playing of roots on holidays rather than any positive socially conscious movies. This is not to say that roots isn't a very important movie that deserves praise but to be shown it on MLK JR DAY?! B.E.T. once had programming that uplifited and empowered our people but now its helping to destroy our community. Stand together with me to say that were tired of this and if this is B.E.T we need a more diverse type of programming because contrary to B.E.T'S belief we're all not trying to sell drugs, walk around half naked or go to jail. We also aren't blind to this negative idea that this is all that we want to see and all that we are.





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    Tierney Pryor United States
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