Stop Antennas Over Our Kids' Heads

Concerned BTC Parents
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Fellow concerned BTC Members and parents, please read *this has important implications*:

Like us, you may not be aware of an application just presented to the city by the BTC Board and ATT to mount a grouping of 9 to 12 ATT 4G LTE Antennas (each over a foot in height) on the roof above the snack shack that will serve a majority of Tiburon. 

Per the TRK report (see attached), this installation creates measurable radiation on the surrounding pool area and homes, which includes our families congregating poolside, children attending the 9-4 pm daycare/camps, or simply waiting in line at the snack bar.

Given the effects of cellular radiation, municipalities have adopted a measure requiring that wireless facilities not be located where children congregate.  This is because of the thin developing skulls of young children. The Tiburon ordinance (see attached) specifically states, “Wireless Communications Facilities should avoid locations within, or close proximity to, the following uses: dwelling units; hospitals; child care centers; and schools.” 

So I ask you, why is the Board, which is supposed to represent its membership base, trying to put this antenna farm above our children’s heads?  This is something that should have been presented to the membership base, as it creates a material health concern for our kids, as well as potentially impacting our ability to solicit new members.

ACTION: Please sign the attached petition requesting the application be withdrawn for further discussion with the membership base.  Also please forward to others who may also be concerned.

Below is an illustration of what will be above the snack shack:






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