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Stop animal cruelty!

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Stop animal cruelty

The problem of animal cruelty and animal abuse has been around for many years. It never started in one specific place, it has been found across the entire world around medieval times. This has always been a problem that needs to be put to an end. The problem started between the issue of differences between humans and animals.  People think that animals aren’t important because they are not human.  As this rumor spread around the globe, people started to think that animals weren’t important and could be treated like garbage.  Hitting, pushing, stabbing, and most importantly killing animals, is animal cruelty. For example, putting pit bulls to fight each other is very dangerous and can seriously harm the pitbull. Having any animals in general fight each other for show, is cruel and should stop.  As humans continue killing and abusing animals, the population of animals will continue to decrease and soon will endanger the economy by leaving us with less range of food to eat.

This has been a problem for over 600 years. But as bad as this sounds, animals have been treated worse back then. Animals meant nothing, and they would just kill an animal and not feel guilty, or cut the hair and skin of the animal to keep warmth and safe. But if animals never existed you wouldn’t be able to have the food you have or the clothing you have. So if you want to have food, clothing and ext, then don’t just kill and hit an animal because their not like human, think of that happening to you, you wouldn’t want that. But i’m glad to say that animal cruelty has been decreasing as we go on, but lets just put the hitting, killing, pushing, and tossing to an end. By treating animals the same as humans are treated, and stop using animals for show and abusing them because you feel like it.

Lets put animal cruelty to an end!


Recommended action

Animal cruelty is a problem that has to be put to an end. To solve this problem, we need everyone to join the fight against animal cruelty. Killing an animal for food is a basic instinct, but the problem is how they are treated before becoming into a meal. The methods used today of animal production is murder of the animal very cruelty so that the animal suffers while dieing. But there are alternatives to that without torturing an animal for meat.

For example, multiple numbers of chicken are put in cages squashed together and other cages stacked on top of each other, living like that all of life and never seeing sunlight. The reason for this is that they want to save room, but with the governments money we can buy more cages. Female hens are being forced to lay eggs then put to death. As for cows, they are raised in a barn their whole lives never seeing sunlight. They are also forced to eat corn which is horrible for cows since they are grass eaters. After the cow is forced to eat the corn, they are killed because their grass fed and their bodies can’t maintain the corn.

I recommend more free space for animals to live in and treatment for the animals that already been damaged and better respect towards animals as if they were human. They do not deserve to be cluttered up in cages stacked on top of eachother. Female hens should not be put to death after giving their eggs to people for food. There is no point in killing the female chicken after taking their eggs, because there is no reward in killing the female. So for this said, after people take the female chickens eggs, they should let them out free. So lets stop the way animals are treated badly.

If everyone joins, we can make a change!


If animal cruelty is put to an end, We will have many results to offer. If farmers prevent from killing female chickens after taking their eggs, we can have even more eggs to offer if we keep the female chickens alive and help prevent the decrease in female and male chickens population. Same for cows, pigs, sheep, goat, ox, turkey, and so much more animals, we can have a wide variety of options to eat and the government and the people will have less to pay and more to eat for less money. Many people will have less stress when both killing and paying for an animal. Governments importing animals will happen less considering the fact that we would have more, and animals won’t have to be tortured while being imported from somewhere else. If we all put into action we can get many good results!

We can do it and still get results if we put in action

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