Stop and re-evaluate proposed changes to Fairfax county libraries

Fairfax Library Friends
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We the undersigned request that the Fairfax library board of directors vote to postpone implementation of the 2013 beta project, and re-evaluate its direction.

The beta project will implement a number of sweeping changes that will have disastrous effects on the quality of library service that Fairfax county residents expect and deserve.  These changes will result in drastic reductions in staff available to serve patrons in the branches, near elimination of programming geared towards children, and a workforce that lacks the advanced certifications and skills necessary to fulfill specialized requests.  These changes will only serve to diminish the quality of our library system, and tarnish the public perception of said library system.

For the good of the community, this plan must be re-evaluated with thorough input from those who will be affected by the changes.  This petition serves as a chance for library patrons, staff, and friends to make their voices heard.