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Stop adding Fluoride to Lorain County water supply.

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Contrary to previous belief, fluoride has minimal benefit when swallowed. When water fluoridation began in the 1940s and '50s, dentists believed that fluoride needed to be swallowed in order to be most effective. This belief, however, has now been discredited by an extensive body of modern research. According to the Centers for Disease Control, fluoride's "predominant effect is posteruptive and topical". In other words, any benefits that accrue from the use of fluoride, come from the direct application of fluoride to the outside of teeth (after they have erupted into the mouth) and not from ingestion . There is no need to expose all other tissues to fluoride by swallowing it. -No longer are 11 unions and 7,000 scientists calling for a moratorium on water fluoridation. As of March 11, 2008, 19 unions representing 10,000 employees from the United States Environmental Protection Agency are warning against fluoridation. -Springfield, Yellow Springs, Xenia, Lancaster and Wooster Counties chose to not put fluoride in their water so far in Ohio. -Fluoride is a drug, not a nutrient like vitamins. The absence of fluoride does not cause any disease. The FDA regulates systemic (swallowed) fluoride as a prescription drug (requiring a narcotics license) and topical fluoride with warnings such as, “do not swallow,” “if more than a pea size is swallowed, contact a poison control center.” A “pea size” of toothpaste contains 0.5mg of fluoride ion, the same amount of fluoride found in two glasses of fluoridated water. - Most water filters will not effectively remove fluoride. -Studies have revealed a wide variety of health issues arising from fluoride use; for instance, that it causes severe brain damage, reduces IQ levels, is linked to bone cancer, damages kidneys, impairs proper thyroid function, debilitates the endocrine system and causes dental fluorosis when ingested in early childhood. -In Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg fluoridation of water was rejected because it was classified as compulsive medication against the subject's will and therefore violated fundamental human rights. Officials adding fluoride to our water equates to forced medication.

- Usually saves thousands of dollars a year in taxpayer dollars.

-Please take your stand and sign the petition to end fluoridation in Lorain County


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