Stop Adding and Start Fixing!

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Twitch is a free service, but that's no reason for it to be a stubborn one. These recent changes not only effect viewers, but casters as well - limiting our abilities to interact with our audiences. The only people who benefit from these changes are casters of eSports who aren't required to pay attention to their viewers. The greatest joy of livestreaming is being able to interact with the caster you're watching and even though livestreaming is the focal point of this website, it's becoming harder and harder for us to interact. Features are constantly added to the website (integration with Minecraft, EVE Online, and Next-Gen consoles to name a few) and that's GREAT, but they are being added BEFORE the current ones are fixed/stable - who cares where or how you can stream if the experience is overall mediocre/poor? This petition is created to stop Twitch from adding NEW features until the OLD ones are fixed - it isn't really too much to ask


Alternative to Twitch: (Site is in beta stages)

For more specific information about the new changes:



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