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Stop Ad Blockers!

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Ads are an integral part of society and, especially on the Internet, an important necessity. Advertisements inform, educate and, if especially unique and creative, cultivate a meaningful connection with the buyer that results in a lasting relationship. Without advertisements brands would struggle to differentiate themselves and stand out among competition.

The proliferation of ad blockers has effectively killed advertisements online. Brands are no longer able to communicate with their key demographics and publishers are unable to receive an important revenue stream. Smaller publications are going under and there is now less content, less information, fewer opinions and less of a voice.

At ReviveAds we believe in responsible advertising. We believe in quality content that is made for people without the restrictions of financial barriers. Content that connects real people with real products.

The sole intent of this coalition is to benefit everyone – readers, publishers and advertisers – and support sites that support advertising and understand the perils of ad blocking. We aim to see a slowed growth or reversal of ad block usage and champion effective advertisements that deliver a lasting impression. Through our new technology and as part of the coalition, we limit advertisements to our acceptable ad standards:

1. Acceptable ads do not contain malware, spyware, viruses, browser lockers, or other malicious advertising.

2. Acceptable ads do not mislead the user, do not look like content in the site and do not contain fake news stories.

3. Acceptable ads are clearly labeled and positioned on the page they are limited to:

A. Header

B. Footer

C. Index (clearly marked)

D. Beside the Content

E. Interstitial only after the 1st piece of content is consumed.

F. Recommended sections

G. Upon logging out delivering credible offers.

H. Overlays/Adhesions only while content is consumed, and are easily closeable with a frequency cap of at least 1/12 hours.

I. Pre-Rolls or Post Rolls or In free content

4. Acceptable ads do not contain highly graphical, highly animated or annoying ads. (Ads must be under 300kb in size)

5. Acceptable ads do not have auto playing sound.

6. Acceptable ads do not have deceptive close buttons, next page buttons, play buttons, or other miss leading imagery.

7. Acceptable ads do not have unrelated information and are appropriate to the site the user is on.

8. Acceptable ads do not contain elements of the site or attempt to mimic it.

9. Acceptable ads do not attempt to misguide or redirect the user away from the site to an app store, or to another site.

10. Acceptable ads do not contain trademarks or copy written works without prior consent.

Join our coalition. Help us prevent the destruction of free quality content online. Slow the spread of ad blockers, embrace acceptable advertising and work hand in hand with us in ensuring malicious ads are blocked, not the contributory ones. Help us keep up the flow of information, and help us keep that information quality.

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