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Stop Abuse By Dakota County Minnesota

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A PETITION OF: Erica Stufflebeam & Jeremy Boles

ADDRESSED TO: Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson,


This petition is brought with hope and faith in our system to put a stop to the infringement upon Mr. Boles's Human Rights and his children's. One's rights are to be valued and protected, for this we the undersigned hope to see this carried out with Mr. Boles and his children's rights. For almost two years Mr. Boles and his children have been unjustly deprived of property and access to his children. They have had their civil rights and liberty violated through court proceedings and the fact that the due process and constitutional rights were violated repeatedly resulting in Mr. Boles being railroaded shammed publically, publically humiliated and subjected to social rejection.

We the Undersigned ask through this petition for the following:

~ For the reversal of the maltreatment finding against Mr. Boles for the allegations were never confirmed and the evidence provide that no maltreatment nor abuse had occurred.

~ That the court's order dated May 27 of 2014 signed by Judge Timothy McManus be upheld and enforced with no delay.

~ For those whom aided in the legal or illegal acts and infringed upon Mr. Boles and his children's rights to be held accountable for their actions and punished according to law.

A brief statement for the reason and basis for this petition being started, description of events or violations, and a summary of cause. In May of 2014 Mr. Boles and his children were granted a temporary Order For Protection against the children's mother. The Order For Protection was partially based on recorded phone calls with the children's mother along with text messages providing proof of threats of damaging Mr. Boles's personal property, of bodily harm upon him, that she will take off with the children and that Mr. Boles will never see the children again, She threated suicide while the children were in the room, calls of her yelling that I'm going down, that she will see to it that Mr. Boles will never see the children again, made prior attempts of false sexual abuse and physical abuse claims, she sent a text to a third party stating that Mr. Boles raped and beat her and that she was going to press charges which was another abuse allegation that can/was proven to be false, conspired to commit murder upon Mr. Boles,and reports from Child Protection Agency. Through this order Mr. Boles was granted temporary custody of the minor children.

On May 27 of 2014 Judge Timothy McManus signed a temporary parenting order which placed Mr. Boles as the primary caretaker of the minor children and granted the mother parenting time Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The mother did not agree with the court's order, about two days into the ordered schedule the mother refused to return the children and blocked all contact. After a week of no contact the mother filed an ex-parte motion with the courts for an emergency change of custody which was denied. The mother returned the children to the father three days later whom noticed injuries on his son (3 years old).

The 3 year old boy had multiple small burn marks on his upper body and a large bite mark on his right bicep. Mr. Boles took his son in for medical attention. The mother knew that the hospital made a report against her of suspected abuse to the Crisis Nursery. A few days later the mother took the children to see a therapist whom she has had ties to for the last year prior to see the children. The therapist made numerous attempts to make/file the false report of physical and sexual abuse. She contacted Scott County CPS, Crisis Nursery, CPS after hour number, Savage Police and Apple Valley Police.

The children were put on a 72 hour health and safety hold by the Apple Valley Police without talking to the children, without seeing the children and without talking to Mr. Boles. No officer witnessed any harm being inflicted upon the children, observing no safety issues and failed to obtain a warrant. Mr. Boles whom is the father and court ordered as the primary caretaker of the minor children and should have been notified immediately on June 26 of 2014 when his children were placed on a hold. This is when Mr. Boles and his children started being striped of their rights slowly by government employees and elected officials. The children were placed on a hold on June 26 of 2014, Mr. Boles was left with no knowledge of where his children were, what was going on or why. When Mr. Boles finally spoke with an Apple Valley officer to find out what was going on with his children he ended up being threatened by the officer and was told not to call back.

During the so called "investigation" that was conducted by the local police and Child Protection Agency not one person made a home visit to see the conditions but were somehow able to make the determination of maltreatment against Mr. Boles, claiming that he did not have food, clothing nor shelter in place for the children. The claims made by the reporting party was never confirmed by the ten adults that interviewed the children.

Families are protected and have the right to life and liberty which is protected under our civil rights and the constitution of the U.S and the constitution of MN there for we the undersigned would like the recipient of this petition to:

~ Take the proper steps/action to reverse the maltreatment finding against Mr. Boles for there were/are no factual

evidence that confirmed the allegation that he did not have food, clothing nor shelter in place for the children. Mr. Boles has documentation providing proof that he did provide for his children's needs and that he did have proper food, clothing and shelter in place.

~ To insure that those whom have committed criminal acts against Mr. Boles or his children to be held accountable and punished accordingly to law.

~ To insure that those whom have infringed upon the rights of Mr. Boles or his children be held accountable and punished accordingly to law.

~ To take proper action to enforce the court's order dated May 27 of 2014 and signed by Judge Timothy McManus. As evidence provide/show the allegations made against Mr. Boles were false and were made in hopes to gain custody of the minor children, in hopes that her charges would all be overlooked. Mr. Boles did not abuse his children and has not broke any laws.

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