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We, the undersigned, do hereby petition Bishop Alexander of the Diocese of Atlanta to allow our parish to offer the job of full-time, permanent rector to our current interim rector, Fr. Dean Taylor.  We suspect that Fr. Taylor's request to not be considered for the permanent job is out of duty and not from the heart.  We petition you to allow us to ask and to allow him to consider the role of permanent rector at St. James' Marietta.


Bishop Alexander, at your most recent visit to our parish, you offered several thoughts. First, that St. James' was an "average" parish, average size, average financially, etc. Second, you said that in the interim between permanent rectors we seemed to be "rocking along as usual." Finally, you acknowledged that chemistry between rector and parish is the hardest thing to find. The undersigned, while we understand what you meant about St. James' being average, also believe that we can become exceptional under the leadership of Fr. Taylor. For example, his connection with Zion Baptist and Michele Norris of NPR was remarkable. We want to explore that connection and continue the dialogue in such ways as combining our congregations and choirs next Fat Tuesday. We are doing so much better than "rocking along as usual." The excitement and vitality in the church, as described in the parish survey, is a direct result of Fr. Taylor's presence. The parish is excited and energized since his arrival. We don't want to give that up. Finally, we have found fabulous chemistry between rector and parish. Why would anyone want to change that? This very southern rector is a great fit for a very southern, traditional church like St. James.' He has an amazing ability to gently nudge us into trying new things. Since chemistry is the hardest thing to find, and we have found it, we want to keep it!




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