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Current Tutorial Style, Effective and Beneficial

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If you believe that Tutorial should stay the same rather than changing it sign the petition.

As you well know, the school is planning of developing a new way to cater Tutorial for each year level/house.
This new system will include dividing the current tutorial groups from the current Year 9s and 10s and re-matching us.

The aim is to promote a "growing" lifestyle as the year 9s can learn from the year 10s and so on. And also to be unique and different from other high school learning structures.

Though we understand the points raised by the school, we believe that the current tutorial style is much more beneficial and effective to the school community.

The following reasons have been brought together from the current year 9s:

1. Tutorial has been essential in establishing some strong long-term friendship groups within and that has definitely help to make our time at Nossal fun and enjoyable knowing you have a bunch of people to have your back. We understand that splitting up will provide us to make more friends, but this can be jeopardizing to the current friendships which have already been established since the class will be broken up and time is limited to seeing other friends.

2. As with the above, the class has found themselves attached to each other which (for one) is a very good quality to have in a school community, Nossal has always been known to bring up "school spirit" and the best way for this to be achieved is through the encouragements of a strong student body formed through our same-aged peers.

3. House events that the school hosts is designed (mainly) to promote the further notion of "school spirit". In lead ups to the event, all year levels are required to work co-cooperatively together to achieve the "Page Cup". Having a stronger voice to promote the enthusiasm of such events would be better rather then implementing a new class system specifically for tutorial.

4. These short 10 minute periods are actually not a big deal to be re-establishing a new system over. The time (for this proposal) could be better spent in finding ways to promote the school community instead of being "forced" to be together for those 10 minutes. Many students will find themselves in subjects in the later years where their best friends may not be present. Having tutorial time to spend even just these 10 minutes will bring extra opportunities in promoting life-long friendships since many students are tied to multiple extra-curricular activities.

5. Not only have tutorial given students the opportunity to be connected together, but also, the teachers that we have to support us on our "journey". Mixing the year levels, teachers will be unable to focus onto one particular year level and help them grow but instead be obligated to multitask and (most likely) focus on the older year levels.

6. Being newer to the school, the younger year levels may find it (initially) daunting to be placed in a class full of students they don't know, let alone peers at their age. This may cause some unwanted "tension" and segregation between each year level as they will be inclined to stick with people of their age group. We are going through the stage where each year is a new challenge. Mixing these "stages" won't help in providing comfort and security to some who needs it which may potentially result in isolation for those people who find making close relationships hard and may hinder ones academic growth through the worries of their social surroundings.

7. Tutorial is a place where people feel they actually belong, those that find it hard to socialize feel connected and everyone is at ease with each other. Tensions are never found and it definitely brings in a positive atmosphere to the school, which is one of the strongest ways to bring up a bright future for the next generation. Bringing in people who also already are familiar with their group, individuals may feel that they don't receive the same privacy and commitment that they have been used to.

8. The school has already made adjustments to the original formatting of the school timetable (eg. tutorial times etc.) Tutorial groups should be kept the same to avoid further stress and confusion for current students. The way that the tutorial groups have been currently structured is manageable for the attendance office and documents needed to be distributed. Shifting around the classes will have a significant impact to the current database hence, extra funding may be required to "re-do" it (money that could be spent enhancing the facilities of our school {though they are already amazing}). Positions such as "tutorial leaders" will be under question if the new structure is implemented.

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