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Stewiacke Ice rink

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I joined the Stewiacke Town Park & Recreation committee in January 2011. I thought it would be a good place to branch myself into the community, take views from the community to the meetings, especially as I am a newcomer. 

One of the issues I put forward back then was about our local town ice rink which is situated on Dennis Park. At that time there were issues regarding hockey players on the rink taking over, many parents were considerably disgruntled that their children were being intimidated off the ice by the speed and disconcern of the players. 

So in one meeting January 2011 I brought the subject up. Half the committee agreed that a time should be set in place for 'open skate' allowing young and old to enjoy the rink without the worry of being booted off. Unfortunately this disgruntled the 2 hockey coaches but like I pointed out they have elsewhere to play and many more hours than the couple for open skate. My suggestion was 3-5 was put to council for approval etc. They decided 6-7! 

These times where not fought, no one voiced their opinion. In the committee meeting the times where brushed aside and an idea to make 2 rinks for the next winter was put forward. Nothing came of that. 

So December 2011 the rink went up, it suffered quite a bit of damage from inconsiderate teenagers unfortunately but hard work from town workers got it fixed and made it good for people to use. 

When the rink was finally ready they put a sign up and a notice on their facebook page. Town Of Stewiacke Recreation and Physical Activity: The Ice Surface is almost ready! The water is in, now the weather just needs to cooperate. Please note that the Town would like all users be able to enjoy the ice surface safely so from 6PM-7PM DAILY THE ICE SURFACE WILL BE OPEN SKATE ONLY. This means that during this time no sticks or pucks will be allowed on the ice. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, we wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! Town Staff 

Tracy Levy - Is it possible to have 2 open skates. One in the afternoon as well? 
21 December 2011 at 13:29 - Town Of Stewiacke Recreation and Physical Activity - thank you for the interest, at this point it will just be the open skate in the evening, however we will continue to try and monitor the usage/demand in the New Year and perhaps look at adding additional time.
 21 December 2011 at 13:41-Tracy Levy - ‎6-7 may be too late for young, school aged children. A time after school may be better for them...and they may feel intimidated to go if there is always a game of hockey on the ice at that time. I am curious how you will monitor this? 
21 December 2011 at 13:45 - Town Of Stewiacke Recreation and Physical Activity - We will continue to encourage feedback from residents and make our decision based upon what we receive. 
21 December 2011 at 14:35-Natalie Blackwood- Yes I agree with Tracy. Last year I struggled to get the kids on at that kind of time. School for primary's are out at 2.20 SCA back by 3.30 so maybe a time from 3-4 and then 6-7 that leaves an hr between the two for hockey etc and from 7-9/10 for hockey. 6-7! For children aged 2-10 etc this is dinner time, wind down then off to bed! 

A posting to say it was fully open was displayed on the facebook page a week later and my Husband put a comment saying thank you for the hard work put into the rink ,then he mentioned that something had to be done with the times and hockey players (this page is supposed to be for the towns people to express positive and negative views) within 20 minutes his comment was removed! With nothing said about it. 

The park & recreation committee did change the time near to the end of January 2012 to 3-5. They posted it on the facebook page...within a day it was removed by order. They had been told that it had to go to council for the change, two weeks they had to wait. 

9th Feb 2012 council held there meeting. As far as I’m aware the rink was brought up and spoken about. They put a posting on facebook on the 10th Feb 2012 that 'open skate' would be from 3-5 every day of the week starting 13th Feb 2012, no pucks etc a sign would be put in place at the rink. 

13th Feb 2012: Town Of Stewiacke Recreation and Physical Activity Notice to Residents: Due to Parliamentary Procedures, the "Open Skate" time at the ice surface in Dennis park will be remaining at the current time of 6pm-7pm until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation in this matter.-Town Staff.

 Richard Chudobskyi-Walker- i guess someone from the town and council will be there every night then to stand in front of the hockey players then as they plow down all the little ones !!! Natalie Blackwood -You're kidding me! So yes how do we battle the hockey players! The other night I was hit by one of those players orange balls and it stung! That was through my winter coat! If that had hit one of my boys in the face what then! They weave in... and out of the kids like they aren't there, the smaller kids are intimidated by them. They over rule that rink.....this is not right....its like thought for the community IS NOT being thought about! Please ellaborate on these parliamentary procedures. Now this page was put in place for positive and negative views of the town so i hope this doen't get removed. 


Now as far as I can work out if its passed through council and majority rule in favour and it is agreed then it can't be changed till next meeting. 

It’s so annoying and frustrating,the towns voice is not being heard or considered. (why are we fighting for a slot when hockey players are basking in spoilt pleasures!)
All we seem to be able to ask for are a couple of hrs per day to enjoy ice skating on our community rink without any worries of getting a puck or ball knocked at us (whether by mistake or not) , some people in this town only have this rink to skate on for a few months pr year and its being taken from us. 

Please help by signing this petition and passing the word on. 

The next council meeting is at the end of Feb and we really need the support and this as proof to have any affect. 

Many thanks 

Natalie Blackwood


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