STOP Old Town Stevenage New Parking Charges!!!!

Kris Francis
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PLANS to impose parking charges in Stevenage Old Town have been approved. Stevenage Borough Council's Executive has agreed to introduce charges in off-street car parks, including the Waitrose car park, and to make on-street parking spaces along both sides of the High Street short-stay. At a meeting on Thursday last week, the council's Executive also agreed to close the lorry park on Primett Road and turn it into a long-stay car park. The council's Overnight Lorry Parking Ban will be amended to allow lorries to park overnight on certain roads in the Gunnels Wood Road employment area, such as Argyle Way. Following formal consultation, the entire parking scheme could be completed by April 2010. Never been a problem for the people I've asked. Just another money making scheme from the Council. Well done on killing the old town businesses.