Steven Hon Rocks Concert Venue Change Request

Ku Chung
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We, the signors of this petition, feel that the location for the Steven Hon Rocks concert  will cause a disturbance in our neighborhood, and would like the party organizers, Omni Tour Lovers, to reconsider the venue for March 31.  The current location proposed is in the parking lot of Man Wai station, which is the town center for 150 residents in the Man Wai area.   (for more up to date information, follow our Steven Hon Rocks blog)

While we think the Steven Hon Rocks concert will be an interesting event which especially the older members community members, including the SOB (Society of Business), AASS (Analytical Association of Sitecore Servers), and WTF (World Tracking Federation), would like to attend, we feel that the other non-analytical minded members may be bored to death, even on a Wednesday night, and thus would like to move it to a Monday or change the venue to a library (which is located further down the road).

We would like to resolve this issue by March 29th, and ask Omni Tour Lovers to respond in due time.  Thank you for your cooperation.


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