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Release Stephon Slone Of A Wrongful Conviction

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Please read this all before you decide to leave without signing, please a mans life depends on it, and I would if it were vice versa. Thank you. My big brother Stephon Slone was wrongfully accussed of rape and then continued to trial in Perry County Kentucky. Where there was a medical examiner testify along with numerous others. The medical examiner in this case testified that the so called "victim" in the case has still got her hymen intact and heres the definition for hymen for those who dont know what the word means : "Hy´men n. 1. (Anat.) A fold of muscous membrane often found at the orifice of the vagina in virgins; the vaginal membrane. It is usually torn by sexual intercourse. " The so called "victim changed her story numerous times stating it happened once then she could not remember how many times. She also stated her windows were boarded shut in the room of which the rape was suppost to occur so she stated she could not remember if it was night or day outside, Which the "victims" own older brother testified she was lying simply because she was not aloud to date a named boy in the case. The "victims" older brother also stated she had threatened him with the same charge if he did not leave her then named boyfriend alone. The "victim" was dating an older man when Stephon Slone confronted her stating that she was not aloud to date and she was not to be back around the named man, the "victim" replied "she would see him in prison if he tried to break them up". Stephon then seen the male and confronted him about seeing his "daughter" and then man stated the child lied about her age and then went on to break up with her. So the next day the "victim" left home with the intent to ruin a mans life. She testified she was an addmitted liar. The lawyer's press release was this for the case: HAZARD – The attorney for a Scuddy man convicted of first-degree rape says he will seek to have the conviction overturned. A jury convicted 31-year-old Stephon Slone and recommended he serve 20 years in prison during a jury trial in Perry Circuit Court earlier this week. Attorney David Johnson said the evidence against his client was insufficient for a conviction, and he will file a motion requesting Circuit Judge William Engle to set aside the verdict. Slone was indicted in October 2012 and accused of raping the 14-year-old daughter of his girlfriend in February 2011. Johnson said the girl’s allegation was the sole evidence presented by the prosecution during the trial, while a medical report and defense testimony essentially disproved her claim. “This jury was carried away by emotion, the crying crocodile tears of a child that just went too far down the rabbit hole and could not climb back out because her story could not be reversed, even though it was a lie,” Johnson said. “The medical evidence suggests that no rape ever occurred, and it just makes me question the jury system.” Johnson said he expects to file his motion by the end of the week, and if the verdict is not set aside he plans to appeal the jury’s decision to the Kentucky Supreme Court. “We do plan on appealing, and hopefully he won’t have to serve the 20 years because I think it’s an outrage what happened in that case,” he said. The jury however, found him guilty with NO evidence and a medical examiner testifying she is infact a virgin. Please Sign this and HELP my family FREE my big brother. Thank you and God Bless.

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