Stephens County Railroad Conspiracy!

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The Duncan Banner, and the SCSO/Courthouse are guilty of a long time conspiracy. For the past twenty years, the Stephens County Courthouse, here in Duncan, OK has had a major conspiracy going on. For the past ten years, the Duncan Banner has been a part of that conspiracy. As a lifetime resident of Stephens County, I have witnessed this conspiracy. I have personally been a victim and have seen friends and family fall victim to what I call the “Defamation/Railroad Conspiracy!” I am not only standing up for myself but am also standing up for others. It is time for a change, and I hope that you have the courage to stand with me!!

I begin my allegations with the Duncan Banner. We (The Public) all know they’re guilty of slander & defamation. We all know that individuals that are accused of any kind of felony crimes are slandered and bashed on the front page of the Duncan Banner! We all know nine times out of ten stories are STRETCHED & FABRICATED. This is totally unfair! How can a person get a FAIR TRIAL @ jury if lies are spread like wild fires across this small country town of Duncan, Oklahoma. With all of this slander and defamation (in the eyes of the public you’re assumed GUILTY until you prove you’re innocent.) This is why I have chosen to STAND UP AND FIGHT because I am innocent! (I am no saint but by law I am innocent!) The Duncan Banner reporters are part of this Railroad Conspiracy. The daily objective is to come down to the Courthouse, and browse all of the public records until you find a good enough criminal case to fabricate. Therefore; resulting in slander and defamation of that person! I admit, not all people are innocent, but it is still slander and still defamation. STAND UP PEOPLE YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE!!

Next up, the Stephens County Courthouse. Now I know that I will have a lot of angry residents behind this, and I bet most of you that appear to be angry would be the rich (upper part of the community) Why?? Well because that isn’t happening to you or your children, only the middle class and poor community are targeted! For the past twenty years there has been a Railroad Conspiracy going on here at the Stephens County Courthouse. EVERYONE that works here has family ties, and that seems to be the only way you can get a job here! There are no blacks and hardly any Latinos that work here! Out of twenty years there have been only 1 to 4 blacks to work here. This County Courthouse is filed with racist, but that is an issue to be addressed at a later date. My issue to address the Railroad Conspiracy, not only is it happening to blacks but also to everyone else that don’t have enough money to pay off the D.A. and the Judge. Between the preliminary judge (from prosecutor to Defense Lawyer to the Judge) The D.A.s office and the S.C.S.O are all guilty of this Railroad Conspiracy. The D.A. files charges on the less fortunate when they have committed no crimes whatsoever. They bring charges up on individuals without having SOLID evidence and stick them in jail with outrageously high bonds. The excessive high bonds keeps the defendant from bonding out, being able to fight the charge effectively. This tactic in return causes the defendant to have to settle for a BS court appointed counsel that also works for the DA and County. The court appointed counsel aren’t of any help. Defendants sit months in the county jail before they even get a chance to talk to the counsel. A lot of innocent people have had to plead guilty due to lack of legal counsel or poor misrepresentation by a court appointed counsel. The D.A.s office is guilty of railroading the poor and middle class in our community.

They are treating people unjustly, bonding the accused over for trial without solid sufficient evidence. The police (agents) commit perjury to get the accused bound over for trial. Once bonded over the accused (innocent) is forced to plead guilty due to lack of counsel/misrepresentation from a no good court appointed attorney. This is known as “The Stephens County Railroad Conspiracy! This crooked system/conspiracy must be stopped. Therefore if you have ever been a victim or have had a family member fall victim to this UNJUST crooked system here at Stephens County Courthouse, Duncan, Oklahoma then please SIGN my petition! With enough signatures we will or should be able to get the FBI, or Internal Affairs, or Governor here to investigate these Allegations. STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT! PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION!!


Ramondo Carr

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