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Governor Jerry Brown- We need a State Bank

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Christmas Wish list for Governor Jerry Brown

Dear Santa Jerry Brown. We the citizens of California would like your helpers to deliverthe following gift the day you are sworn-in to office.

We need a state bank!

Given the financial crisis that is pushing our state to the brink of disaster we do not want just any ordinary state bank. We want a state bank with the extraordinary authority to put our fiscal house in order right now!

1. We want all state and local government revenues to be deposited into our own state bank and not into corrupt Wall Street banks. This will give our own state bank the ability to lend $150 billion dollars to fund California’s budget shortfall and outstanding debt (bonds) at zero percent interest.

2. We want a state bank that will strongly encourage all state agencies with pension funds and rainy day investments to park our tax payer investments in our own state bank instead of bankrupt-bail-out-banks. These funds are estimated to be worth trillions of dollars. Wall Street crooks have already ripped off $250 billion dollars of California’s rainy day investments through flash trading the stock market and other leveraging scams. We want those funds invested in California’s Main Street to create real jobs.

3. We want a state bank that will help millions of California home owners who are near foreclosure to stay in their homes. During the last Great Depression the Bank of North Dakota helped farmers keep their farms until the depression was over.

4. We want a state bank that will fund sustainable infrastructure projects with debt free Greenback dollars backed by the full faith and credit of California. As long as the sun shines and the wind blows we do not need to send another dollar to oil rich dictators who hate democracy. General George Washington won the Revolutionary War with debt free Continentals. President Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War with debt free Greenbacks. It is time we end the war against Mother Nature with our own sweat equity and god given brains.

5. We need a state bank with a board of directors who are elected directly by the citizens of California. We are putting the legislature on notice that their butts are fired. If the legislature wants our trust back they will have to earn it just like everyone else.

6. We want a state bank with a complementary currency just like the WIR in Switzerland. We do not trust the cartel of private banks that owns the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is responsible for the mess we are in. Until the shadow banks are abolished or nationalized we must protect ourselves from a collapsing dollar with our own complementary currency that is backed by real productive value.

Dear Governor Jerry Brown please use your emergency powers to give us a state bank for Christmas. Your father Governor Pat Brown tried to give us a state bank many years ago but failed. This is your opportunity to bring us to victory. If you turn out to be a scrooge we intend to MAKE YOU DO IT.

By sending this on-line petition I hereby offer my support for the creation of a California state bank. I understand that I will be sent an occasional email with an update on our efforts to place a state bank initiative on the voter’s ballot. Your email address will never be sold or given to another organization nor will you receive request to donate money. Happy new year, Jeff Heaton of



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