Everyone, including state school student should be accepted to prestigious universities, without looking at their race or financial background

Marwa Dada
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Everyone should be treated equally. State school bright students are being turned away because they are not rich or wealthy enough, or if they don't attend fee paying schools. However, we shouldn't be chosen for that. All of us should be given a chance to go to the leading Russell Group Universities. Moreover, it's not the students to blame that they are from a poor financial background. In addition, the economy most people live in is poor; there are high rates of unemployment around the UK. Then how could students or their families afford to have at least 12000-13000 pounds in their bank accounts just to get accepted in Oxford or other elite universities. This isn't fair and should stop. We should be heard. Bright students should be given their chance and reward for their achievement. Vote now to stop this! Help us to be heard. Thank you.


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