Bring the Adventures of Star Treks USS Titan on TV

Markus Köhler
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Due to the interests of paramount pictures for keeping Trek "up to date" they have created a new Star Trek timeline to get - a younger audience - more action in it and of course to make a big blockbuster movie. The steps made with the new Movie are maybe a good way to achieve the integration of a contemporary touch to Star Trek ... in the Movies. But: Star Trek is created for TV!! We think Star Trek Nemesis was not the End of a Generation, but the opening of a window to the future. We know after the Death of Data it is hard to go on without any changes. But here is also a good point to start: Riker and Troi married and got their own ship! So they have their new life and a new start and Star Trek has a great Chance to step deliberately into the future by having new younger Characters and develop the old ones (and of course let the very old ones step into the background). We the Fans of Star Trek want to see how Will Riker would act as a captain; we want to see how his life and character is changed by having a family. We want to see Troi as a 1st Officer and want to know how she reacts in dangerous situations and conflicts as Officer, wife and maybe mother. Also we want Star Trek to have the philosophical issues added to the action. So we, the Fans of Star Trek, want it not to be an historical science fiction (how was the future before the classic Star Trek happened), we want the future (if not with the Titan, with another great crew in the future)!!


As i looked at several internet communitys, i was impressed how many fans are sharing my thoughts on the new movie, some in the more - some in the less harsh way as i do. I was surprised that they also want to see, what will happen after Riker/ Riker-Troi left the Enterprise. So i startet this petition to unite these fans and make it a group - lets see how it works.




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