Support the start-up of Philadelphia International Charter School

James Slater
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I support Philadelphia International Charter School (PICS) and recommend it for approval by the charter authorizing agency and urge elected officials to support this application as necessary.


PICS will make a strong contribution to the many communities making up Northeast Philadelphia and potentially Eastern Montgomery County.  Here’s why.


  1. PICS will provide a safe, nurturing and disciplined learning environment.  Without this there is very little learning.
  2. PICS will emphasize academic excellence and within several years will by outperforming relevant benchmarks.
  3. PICS  will be a unique school and will emphasize preparation for success in the global economy.  We are not talking about slogan, but a school designed by people who have done this.
  4. PICS will deliver professional ESL services.
  5. PICS will utilize proven, state of the art methodologies for reading and math instruction at all levels.
  6. PICS will teach the language of the major trading blocks in the world today from early primary school.  PICS will provide instruction in other languages requested by important stakeholder groups.
  7. PICS will implement instruction in the social sciences most directly related to the global economy developmentally appropriate ways.
  8. Tolerance, mutual respect, awakening curiosity for learning will be emphasized in all activities.  In the neighborhoods we serve, anything less, would be failure.







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