Starbucks cafe: offer TIMED internet use with purchase.

Gene DiPilla
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It is almost nearly impossible to sit and have a coffee and a snack at Starbucks due to the lack of seating in many if their stores located in large cities.

The seats are taken by students and those who work at home, using the space as their offices. Most times these people have just one coffee or none at all and take up space for hours. This makes it difficult for paying customers who wish to sit to drink and eat. The management does nothing to resolve this problem.
In European cities where Starbucks has a presence, when you make a purchase you get a receipt witha code. This code enables you to accessthe internet for a limited amount oif time.once you have "timed out" you must make another purchase.
If you agree with this practice, please sign and send a message to Starbucks, as well.