Deploy anti-ballistic missiles batteries on the US soil to protect all major cities, just like Russians protected theirs

Michael Vilkin
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President Obama:

Russians say in their discussion groups that their submarines can approach our shores and totally destroy America, because we have not deployed anti-ballistic missiles batteries on our soil. Obama, they say, is the last president of the US.

Russia is in the process of deploying anti-ballistic missile batteries to protect all major cities. In case of a nuclear war no one will survive in the US (300 million people), while in Russia 100 million out of 150 million will survive.

Now it's not capitalism against Marxist Socialism. Now it's about revenge, and Russians really hate America. Many Russians say that they would be willing to sacrifice millions of people in order to destroy Pendosya (a derogatory term for America).

Russia has already deployed Star Wars technology. We should do the same.




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