Stand with Susan Stanton

Isaac Goldstein
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Less than a week after Largo City Manager Steven (now Susan) Stanton announced she was transgendered, the small Florida community\'s City Commission fired her. This is workplace discrimination, plain and simple. When the Commission fired Stanton, they ignored both her excellent record as an energetic and effective leader as well as the Mayor \'s unwavering support. Stanton has received consistently positive performance reviews from the City Council and the Mayor while managing over 1,200 employees and the city\'s $130-million budget. The promise of America is if you are a good employee, you should be rewarded for it regardless of your race, creed, class, gender or sexual orientation. Stanton\'s firing was an outrageous display of workplace discrimination and the decision should be reversed. Send a message today to the City Commission in Largo, FL telling them that they should reconsider their decision to fire Susan Stanton.


National Sexuality Resource Center, a project of the Ford Foundation at San Francisco State University: