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Singing section at the back of the Gwladys Street

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Everton's most vocal fans who like to sing have traditionally gone at the back of the Lower Gwladys Street (block 4). However the past 10-15 years the singing has died out for your average match due to two factors: 1.1 This hardcore of 200-300 fans aren't able to persistantly stand up in front of their seat due to being told to sit down by fans on the last row who cannot see half the pitch due to obstructed views when they stand. Without standing there is rarely singing. 1.2 This hardcore of Everton's more vocal fans have gradually being fragmented away from each other and so are not as tightly located together as we were in terracing or unreserved seating. Fans who aren't necessarily interested in singing or standing are buying tickets in this part of the ground, diluting the atmosphere. These two factors make it harder to get regular songs going, let alone any new songs. We would like: 2.1 This to be an area exclusively for 200-300 fans who wish to stand up persistantly in front of their seat without having to worry about being told to sit down. 2.2 Kombi seating employed for this small area. (The cost to the club is only 100 pound each) 2.3 No tickets to be sold on the last row (QQ) of the singing area as you cannot see half the pitch when stood there (see also 3.5) 2.4 For this area to only be available to fans who request to go there, and/or for fans who go to buy tickets there, to be warned at the point of purchase that it is a singing area where fans will be likely to stand up persistantly 2.5 We would need the underside of the upper Gwladys Street, which directly overhangs those said singers, to provide the acoustics to spread the songs loudly to the rest of the stadium. We therefore require for some acoustical material to be attached to the underneath of the Upper Gwladys Street. From initiatives set up by The Football Supporters Federation (FSF) and Standupsitdown all legal, safety, and customer service concerns shall be met. In particular: 3.1 The law requires for the stadium to remain all seater, fans are legally allowed to stand up in front of their seat which is our request 3.2 Standing area will not be located in an upper tier. 3.3 The gradient of this designated area, the rear of the Lower Gwladys Street, is below 25 degrees. 3.4 a) There are no customer care issues as we shall be located at the back of the stand so that we are not in anyones way who wishes to sit b) It is currently not uncommon for Everton fans to be ejected from the stadium for attempting to generate an atmosphere. This leads fans feeling alienated from Everton just for trying to support them. This will solve that problem. 3.5 a) The last row (QQ) of Block 4 shall be unoccupied so a 10 percent reduction in the singing area will be complied with b) On the occasions where we do currently stand at the back of the Gwladys Street, fans on Row QQ sometimes move from their seat and gather and crowd the aisle in order to see. This scheme will eradicted that safety issue. 3.6 For further details on these issues please visit these reports and campaigns: and We would also like the club to consider the implications of this request on the design of any proposed new stadium including the current Kirkby stadium, making any necessary amendments to the design, noting in particular: 4.1 Safety issues, meaning that fans who stand in front of their seat should be in a lower or single tier and one that does not exceed 25 degrees 4.2 Customer care concerns. Fans are to stand at the rear of the stand/tier and should not block the view of any fans who wish to sit including those who occupy the corporate areas 4.3 The singing area is to be located directly under the acoustical source Preferred simple cost effective solutions for the new stadium: 5.1 Removal of boxes (future fit out whether it will offices, kiosks, or executive boxes) from End Stands to convert stand into a single tier. (If need be the boxes can be doubled up on the sides) 5.2 Ensuring the rear of the said stands do not exceed 25 degrees 5.3 Any future expansion via additional tiers to be done with overlapping tiers Everton have been renowned as forerunners in progressive ideas and in innovation in the past we would like this to continue.


Get the singing back at Everton! It is our legal right to stand in front of our seat to watch Everton The Gwladys Street have been singing their heads off since at least the 1920s with songs and chants like 'Are you from Dixie' and 'Give it to Dixie', but we've never had an adequate stage for it. Poor, yet easily fixable acoustical problems have made non Street Enders think we had no songs during the terrace years. When actual fact we have a fine back catalogue of songs. More recently we haven't even been able to even sing due not being able to stand because of obstructed views which is again a problem that is easy to overcome. We now we face the prospect of moving to Kirkby which hasn't been designed for singing either! Poorly positioned boxes splitting the End in half will kill the standing half way up and no acoustics for anyone who does stand. Vocal support can help to keep the atmosphere positive for longer periods, encourage the players, and drown out negative abuse. Vocal support according to players and managers can help team performances and may even help with gain a few extra points here and there. Enough is enough. It's time to get the singing back at Everton!!! It's time Everton allowed the fans to give them their support


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