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Accountability of Canada - Broken Promises on Equalization

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February 6, 2006 Steven Harper became the 22 prime minister of Canada. Mr. Harper who represents the vision of Canada - A Confederation we joined in 1949, failed to deliver on his election promises in 2005/06. The following are quotations from Stephen Harper in the House of Commons during a debate on November 4, 2004: \"This is a commitment that was made by me in my capacity as leader of the Canadian Alliance when I first arrived here and has its origins in the intentions of the Atlantic Accord signed by former Prime Minister Mulroney in the mid-1980s. These are longstanding commitments, our commitment to 100% of non-renewable resource royalties. It was our commitment during the election, before the election, and it remains our commitment today.\" \"The eight year time limit and the Ontario clause effectively gutted the commitment made to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador during the election campaign. Why should Newfoundland\'s possibility of achieving levels of prosperity comparable to the rest of Canada be limited to an artificial eight-year period Remember in particular that these are in any case non-renewable resources that will run out. Why is the government so eager to ensure that Newfoundland and Labrador always remain below the economic level of Ontario\" \"The Ontario clause is unfair and insulting to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, and its message to that province, to Nova Scotia and to all of Atlantic Canada is absolutely clear. They can only get what they were promised if they agree to remain have not provinces forever. That is absolutely unacceptable.\" \"What is at stake is the future of Atlantic Canada, an unprecedented and historic opportunity for those provinces to get out of the have not status that has bedeviled them for decades. What is at issue is very simple. It is the honour of the Prime Minister (Paul Martin), and all he has to do is keep his word.\" However, on March 19th, 2007 almost 50 years after the British Government overruled a motion to exclude Confederation with Canada from the Ballot for Newfoundlanders, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper set a prime example of the treatment our province has received in this Country since 1949, by not fulfilling his promises to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador - a hypocrite of policy statements for good governance, to which we have in writing, and on media video. In Mr. Harpers address to the Nation when elected Prime Minister he stated that he would restore trust. The first piece of legislation he would bring in was a Federal Law on accountability - a key promise by his party when campaigning. It seems he don\'t have to live by those rules.\" http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/media.... Accountability defined in leadership roles is, \"... be answerable for resulting consequences.\" So lets give Mr. Harper a result of the consequences! Will you stand up for this province, and stop giving away our resources, be the primary beneficiary from those resources, and take back what is ours Are you willing to have less in order to have plenty Are you willing to free Newfoundland and Labrador from the strain of Canada Harper believes we have no guts, it is time for you to choose whether you have the guts or not! By signing this petition you are sending a message to the Federal Government and the Provincial Government, that you have considered an Independent Newfoundland and Labrador where honesty and economic development is encouraged, values are upheld, and resources are managed, because we will not lay down at the feet of liars, and give away our rights, our promises, our livelihoods or our future! Make your Vote Count, vote for independence! Resilient we are, but learn we must!




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