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Stand With Coach Lucas!

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Who we are:

We are PARENTS who have children that are members of the LIFETIME SWIM TEAM-South Austin Location.

We are angered to learn of the sudden termination of Coach Lucas’s employment. We feel that this decision was grossly unjustified and irrational, and that it could lead to significant consequences for the team. While we understand that management may have reasons for such a decision, we feel strongly that the decision was a mistake made without considering Coach Lucas’s proven track record and his successful dedication to the team and without fully considering the wellbeing and future growth of the swimmers or the morale of the Lifetime Swim Team community. We are impassioned to STAND WITH COACH LUCAS!!

As parents, we have seen firsthand on a daily basis how valuable Coach Lucas is to the Lifetime Swim Team. He performed above and beyond the call of duty. He is talented, dedicated, driven, and, above all, he CARES and POURS his heart and time into his role and responsibility as a Head Swim Coach. Simply put, Coach Lucas is the backbone of the team. Without him, we are rudderless – a team with no direction.

We are not willing to accept Lifetime’s decision to fire Coach Lucas. If Lifetime does not REVERSE this decision, then WE will pull our swimmers from the swim team. We will not support an organization that treats its employees like disposable goods! We feel strongly about our decision to share the message with our children that we will ALWAYS STAND for justice and help those who have been unfairly treated. In this case, we will always STAND WITH COACH LUCAS!

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