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Stand For A Clear Curriculum and Grading System at TCI

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        As a student at TCI you pay approximately $5,760 per semester for your Tuition. If your education, Degrees and Money are of any importance to you, you should read and understand the purpose of this petition. A student at TCI is all too familiar with the unorganized system of this school, but we look past these faults simply because of the desire we hold for a Degree. But with our debt racking up we should demand a better curriculum and grading system as well as a clear understanding as to why we must take time beyond our school hours for Mandatory Modules that clearly serve no purpose.

       Have you ever found yourself questioning why you must re-take a class? Questioning why you had failed when your attendance was up to par aswell as your school work. Well, at TCI some final exams are graded entirely by another teacher, not the teacher you had been assigned to, in order to prevent favoritism. When taking this final exam, you must be at the standard of an instructor that had not taught you. If you do not perform to his/her liking, you are to fail. You are forced to retake this entire class, Aside from your passing grades during the semester. This system is faulty and unfair. Money out of your pocket, again. In reality you are to be taught an "all around" curriculum that would be "Correct" to ANY instructor not just mainly yours. 

  Mid-Term grading is also unclear and vague. Each first and second semester student interviewed stated that there is no clear way of how midterms are graded. If this is so, how are students to excel to any instructors standard of an "A" grade.

With the information given at Mandatory Modules they should be optional. If Modules were mandatory they should contain beneficial information that could be used throughout the school years and pertain to each student.

Some opinions given by students, state that the school seems to take advantage of the fact that the majority of students at TCI are not high school graduates and barely ask questions or worry about the underhanded ways of this school. Being in need of a GED doesn't mean our education should be shifty and behind veils especially because it costs time and money.

This petition will not be presented to the school unless we all stand as one for change and that would ensure no student be patronized. If we pay more at TCI than other alike schools for our education we should demand for the right to choose modules. The right to know exactly how to excel and be great students and a fair shot at bettering our lives. I hope that you consider this petition, if effective it may just make your experience at TCI easily more productive and straight forward. If we all stand there will leave no room for argument, there will just be change. And if an investigation into these shifty procedures prove to be impaired but unchanged, you could be in for reimbursement. The decisions yours.




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