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Please read the text below and help town/village of Stamford, NY residents ban engine idling noise pollution at the eastbound NY Route 23 turnoff. Background: an official complaint was filed with the town of Stamford on Dec 12, 2012 regarding commercial truck idling at the subject turnoff which is located just over the Stamford village line heading towards Grand Gorge. The personal use of this site for the idling of commercial vehicles in addition to the existing highway noice is unacceptable! One freezer generator in particular is parked and left running (on-demand) for 3 days at a time, typically Sat eve thru Mon eve. Local homeowners are fed up with this noise pollution causing a reduction in our quality of home life. Now it is mid-April and the town has not solved the problem. >>> Please sign this petition in support of dedicating, posting, and enforcing this rest area as an official ‘No Idling’ zone. THANK YOU, local homeowners, Stamford, NY


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