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St Albans Catholic High School Governors have decided to stop year 10 pupils in September onwards, to be allowed up the town at Lunch times. For many years now, year 10 and 11 have been permited to go up into Pontypool town, but recently they have decided that this is no longer an option. The whole year has been dissapointed and annoyed with the decision made. The reason that this has caused such a big stir Is that, since year 7 the Pupils have waited 3 years for this opportunity of freedom at Lunchtime. The School council have persuaded the school's canteen to change their standard of food. As they have changed the food, in return they wanted to stop us going to town to buy other food. This is clearly for business reasons. My point is that- if the food is good enough then surely the pupils will go and purchase food from there? But Being able to go to Town at lunch is not a food issue but a lack of freedom.
By Filling out the information below, you will hopefully help to change the Governors' decision and hopefully we will be allowed up Pontypool town next year, Thankyou.





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