Staff Meeting Time Change

Debbie Mast
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We, the members of the Cherry Hill RBVH staff, petition a change in staff meeting times. We ask for the addition of a later time, such as 7pm. There are many working moms at RBVH and have opted to work the laster shifts offered by RBVH due to child care issues. We have found that attending the mandatory staff meetings every month has created a difficult position of trying to either find a suitable child care provider or having a spouse stay home. This causes not only undue stress to the staff member but also financial strain as many cannot afford or know someone to care for their children and spouses must then miss working at their own jobs to accommodate the RBVH meetings. This often means that the spouse making the most money loses their pay for that time, leading full circle into financial strain. Many of the moms affected work either the late afternoon shift or the overnight shift. It has become a nightmare to worry about what to do with our children so that we may attend mandatory monthly meetings. We chose to work these late shifts to allow for our spouses to work during the day and be with our children at night, therefor, not needing child care. We propose the addition of a night time slot for the mandatory monthly meetings, such as 7pm.



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