Stabbing Westward reunion

Vincent Reid
Vincent Reid 10 Comments
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This is a petition for all Stabbing Westward fans that want a reunion. The band broke up back in 2002, and since then, Christopher Hall has eluded the thought of ever doing a reunion and continued to have a feud with his bandmates. The goal is to get as many members to the petition as possible in order to get Chris , Walter, Jim, Andy and Derrek to listen to what we, the fans, have to say. It would be nice if they do like a tour with Chris' post-Stabbing Westward band The Dreaming and maybe bring either Nine Inch Nails or Gravity Kills or Filter to the tour. We want the five back together and want them to save industrial metal once again. I feel very unhappy about how Chris and his bandmates in Stabbing Westward still hate each other. Last words are: please, Mr. Hall, apologize and forgive all your bandmates and make the reunion happen. All the fans, including me, have been waiting for 10 years to hear back from you and your bandmates again.



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