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Public International Trial to Those Who Encourage

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Petition Public International Trial to Those Who Encourage Terror and Especially Terror by Suicide To: The United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon In the name of a broad community, including more than one hundred professors in different fields from many countries, I turn to you and ask that you organize a public international trial for those who encourage terror, and especially terror by suicide bombers. If the United Nations Organization does not address this problem immediately, then the peace and stability of the whole world will be undermined. I believe that an international trial can be a highly effective and humane way of dealing with such heinous crimes against humanity, without war and bloodshed. Please see my detailed argument below. In the 21st century, when civilization is at its height, Muslim fundamentalists cloak themselves in religious garb and organize a mass industry that trains suicide terrorists. Through horrific brainwashing techniques, they convince their victims that the more innocent people they kill, including non-Muslim (and especially Jewish) women, children, and elderly persons, the sooner they will reach paradise, where all their dreams will come true. The victims of these Muslim fundamentalists have included not only simple-minded youths, but also eighteen relatively educated pilots. No religion (including Islam!) condones suicide; the opposite is true. German Nazis, who performed experiments on living human beings, have been charged with crimes against humanity by an international court. We believe that a similar public international trial must be carried against countries, organizations, and leaders that apply a twisted, perverse interpretation of religious laws in order to poison the minds of innocent people. Such a public trial, which will undoubtedly be covered in detail by the mass media around the globe, will eradicate once and for all the moral basis for suicide terror. Moreover, it will render superfluous the need to form an artificial coalition against terror composed of just a few leaders and countries: an objective, international court will pronounce its verdict to the entire world. We are convinced that the ruling of this court will receive the blessing of everyone, including millions of Muslims (including those in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Palestine) who suffer tremendously from this cynical abuse of their religion. If we fail to bring the suicide-terror industry to international justice immediately it will only gain strength, threatening the stability of the entire Western civilization (including Europe). The Unites States, where thousands were murdered in matters of minutes in an attack of suicide terrorists (09.11.2001), is the preferred location to conduct the trial. Unfortunately, until today the civilized countries did little to delegitimize these acts of massive terror. Attempts to punish terror by tanks and by massive bombardment did not yield thus far any positive results. This method, which unfortunately continues for several years now in Iraq, has resulted in the loss of many innocent lives; however, terror and suicide not only did not decrease, but to the contrary, have increased considerably. Today, in all world organized massive demonstrations against war in Iraq. Therefore only by tanks and by massive bombardment impossible conquer the world terror and especially terror by suicides. Terror of Muslim fundamentalists become at the nearest future a factor more dangerous for world humanity It is well known that the Muslim "Humeinisty" country Iran works very intensively towards the development of atomic weapon. Europe and also the United States do not employ any effective means against this very dangerous threat to humanity, beyond some dectarative statements. The Russian Government even assists Iran in this matter. Does the world truly believe that atomic weapon in the hands of Iran will pose a threat only to Israel The Government of Iran helps in every possible way terrorist organizations such as â

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