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A recent petition on peer review and the funding system operated by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), suggests researchers in Canada have serious concerns with our current system. Some have suggested similar concerns apply to the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The CIHR petition reads in part:

"We wish to express our deep concern about the funding of biomedical research in Canada.  Presently the likelihood that an individual grant application will be funded has reached an all time low .... Studies have indicated that the Peer review process is not precise in arriving at final scores[i] .... Our concern is that if we continue to starve the individual grants program we will lose investigators of talent to other countries as they come to see a bleak future for themselves .... We therefore urge the Committee charged with reviewing the status of the CIHR to make it a top priority to assure that there is a mechanism for augmenting and protecting funding for the individual grants program."

[i] Jayasinghe, U.W., H.W.Marsh and N.Bond. J.R.Statist.Soc.A (2003)166 (3) 279-300.

It is our hope to better understand to what extent these views are more broadly held. We invite you and all others who have a stake in research and research funding to offer your comments and ideas on the funding system operated by SSHRC.

We will do our very best to report your views fairly, whether you agree there are serious concerns over SSHRC funding, or not. Please use this petition to contribute to this discussion and include an email address if you would like to receive a compendium/report of the provided comments. This is part of a larger effort that includes feedback on NSERC. For that petition click here. We look forward to hearing from you.

To sign the SSHRC petition please include your name and use the password SSHRC

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