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Hold Elections for SRRBBL in 2017

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There has been concern by both parents and coaches regarding the management of Seneca Ridge River Bend Basketball League (SRRBBL) and related processes over the last few years. In late 2016, parents and coaches began to reach out to the Board regarding financials, Board procedures and league By-Laws. In all cases, the Board was unresponsive, or stated they did not want to be bothered with the inquiries. The current Commissioner and Board have been in those roles since 2012.

Parents and coaches, on their own, began their own research via public records or information obtained through normal, legal channels. After much research, the following has come to light:

1. Tax filings. By doing a detailed analysis dating back to 2011 (tax filings in 2012), and looking at summary level numbers from 2001 – 2010, the revenue and expense profiles do not match the tax forms that are required to be filed, starting with the tax filing in 2012 that was for the year 2011--the normal form filed previous years was not filed with the IRS--a different form was filed declaring income that was drastically lower than previous years, despite growth in the league. That different form has been filed for all years since 2012, again, despite growth in the league. There are only two possible reasons: annual revenue since 2012 has dropped drastically (all financial analysis based on actual number of teams and actual number of players indicates otherwise) , the league qualifies for not having to file the proper form (all research into this possibility has not turned up any qualifying reason). The lack of tax filings since 2012 needs to be addressed, as well as the financials need to be provided.

2. SRRBBL has been terminated as a legal entity of the Virginia State Corporation Committee (VA SCC) as of February 28, 2015. There is concerns that no longer being current with the VA SCC could mean that SRRBL is a non-legal entity and not able to operate in the schools and not holding the proper insurance. Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PRCS) has been notified of SRRBBLs VA SCC termination, but no response has been given. It needs to be determined if not being current with the VA SCC is not in the best interest of the league.

3. By-Laws. Every sports league in Loudoun County must have By-Laws. Most leagues post them on their website. It took three weeks to get them from PRCS, and not only were the By-Laws hard to get, they are barely passable for a legitimate organization--they look as though they were put together in haste. By-Laws state there are to be elections every year in April and a Board member’s term is one year—there have not been public elections in recent years, as far as most coaches and parents are aware of, and the Board members have held their positions for more than one year. Furthermore, if you read the League Rules, they have been modified to give the Commissioner sole discretion is some cases, which is not the intention of a youth sports league, its' Board and it's members.

PRCS was asked if they oversee the operation of their sports leagues, and they responded saying it is up to the parents and the members of the league.

While many of you have brought up other concerns regarding the league, ranging from coaching selection and uniforms not being provided on time, to losing ownership of the Hussa tournament we feel that the above issues, along with your other concerns, need to be addressed. It is time to hold the SRRBBL Board and league to their By-Laws, request transparency and get the above issues addressed ASAP.

In order to do this, their needs to be open elections this April and transparency within the league. As stated previously, there have been numerous attempts to correspond with the Board, but they have been unresponsive. In an effort to push these actions forward, primarily the elections in April, this on-line petition has been started to show that there is ample interest by members of the SRRBBL league to make sure the management of the league is being conducted in a proper and legal manner, and if need be, affect change at the Commissioner and Board level. We encourage you to sign the petition and pass along this petition to as many SRRBBL families as possible. There will be an interest meeting in the near future for all who are interested or who sign the petition. Thank you.

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