Build a foot over bridge across the highway for the SRM fraternity!!!

Nilesh Sanghvi
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The SRM University campus is located opposite the Potheri railway station in Kattankulathur. Besides thousands of students, hundreds of staff, faculty and visitors to SRM need to cross the busy highway (NH 42) every day. Crossing over to the other side not only poses a high risk of accident but is also time consuming (sometimes taking more than 20 minutes) due to the continuous flow of traffic and the lack of traffic police on duty most times. The solution is quite simple - construction of a foot over bridge to enable students, staff, faculty and visitors to SRM cross safely and conveniently.

Through this petition we request the Ministry of Highways and Minor Ports, Government of Tamil Nadu to provide for a foot over bridge. We urge students, faculty, staff of SRM and the general public to support this petition which will be forwarded to the Principal Secretary of Ministry at Please remember in a democracy your voice counts.




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