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Sprint Subs Have Rights to *2 w/out termination!

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This petition is in opposition of the recent policies Sprint has put forth upon its customers. These policies include, but are not limited to, terminating a customers account for calling customer service too many times. Also, terminating customers accounts for excessive roaming, without providing prior notice of cancellation and a chance to appeal their actions so they might keep their account active. Also, included in this petition is the opposition to which the way Sprint \'calculates\' calls that terminate their customer. Instead of counting one call per issue - they way Sprint does it each time you are transffered/hung up on/call back it is counted as seperate calls. Therefore, you are more quick to reach the termination quota. We believe that one call should equal one case, not per transfer or something like that. If you are going to put a call limit on people, please make that a per case quota. And before terminating people actually look at why they called; some people call in to get the billing mistakes that SPRINT MADE. Therefore, Sprint needs to fix their billing mistakes; so people will not call so much. The people who call in to get Sprint\'s own mistakes fixed should not be subjected to termination. This protest includes all Sprint customers who have been affected by this action, or are worried about these policies which have been put into affect. In conclusion, by signing this petition you agree that you do not support Sprint, and their decision to terminate customers who pay on time, under the circumstances of current policies limiting the calls that can be made to customer service. You also do not agree with flat out cancelations without prior notice. If you agree to all of the above please sign.


The sponser of this petition is all of us users at, that are supporting MissDiva, and IslndBoi who got the boot for \'calling customer service too much\', and our United States military who got the roaming boot.


You can read news stories about this on CNet, TheConsumerist, and many other places. Just search \'Sprint Axeing Customers\' on Google, and you will find lots of stuff on this story! Its making local newspapers, TV stations, and its all over the internet.
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