A Petition for a better sporum government

Jaret Arnold
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As many of you may know, sometimes we don't agree with the ruling of our moderators. How many times have you asked yourself why we can't doing anything about it? I myself have asked myself many times. The moderators themselves don't have to abide by any rules when saying when somebody is unjust. They have had since day one a way to void any of your arguments. [quote=Moderator]• Respect the decisions of the moderators and staff [/quote] How do you feel when you have done nothing wrong and they punish you for something you feel shouldn't have happened. Many cases have occurred when the moderators say punishment should occur while many sporum users disagree. I say that something should be done, we should stand up against unjust punishment and the assortment of other things that happen to us. Why should one user be perma'd after 5 bans and another can have 13 bans. The system is obviously flawed. Some of you may be cracking up or haven't even read to this part yet. In case you were wondering I am entirely serious about this.There is not hidden message or some plot to make you react in a way that would make me laugh hysterically. I want to tell users that they finally have the chance to speak up, say what you feel, do you like their power? I want this thread to get somewhere, no matter how hard I hope that won't affect the outcome. The only people to affect the outcome are the people or you. You can say something and express why or why not something should be done.





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