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Shadow Keys in Spiral Knights

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I think the vast majority of players will agree that the new update is ridiculous. Tier 3 players have been waiting a very long time for new content, bearing with OOO and continuining to support them while they update the early game and add entertaining but ultimately superficial attractions like accessories in the mean time. How is that patience rewarded? A slap in the face telling us that the end game content we've been waiting for is not only a rehash of existing content and not really anything new but entertaining enough to be worthwhile if that was all there was to it, but on top of that you have to pay to get access. To top that off there's no way to actually gurantee you get yourself a Shadow Key through lockboxes and no vendor to buy them from which means the only means of attaining them consistently is from the ah, where the prices will be driven up to ludicrous extent by the few rich people that do wish to run the new content. What this means is those of us who don't wish to waste excess amounts of crowns and/or ce on simply getting ACCESS to the new content (And for ONE run only I might add) we're left with nothing to tide us over, no new end game content and no reason to believe that future updates won't simply follow suit resulting in the game essentially becoming P2P post tier 3. Understandly a large majority of the community are displeased with this update so instead of having a dozen rant threads where things will get jumbled up and lost, this thread is to form a centralized petition with a list of all the signatures of people against this update. If we can get enough people together then we'll either end up convincing OOO to at least rethink the implentation of shadow keys if not revamping the new content entirely, or we'll establish that they simply don't give a shit what the community wants which I think would be reasonable vindication for end game players whom have been waiting forever for new content to finally pack their bags and find something else to play.

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