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Spider-man Game Ideas

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I assume most of you have came here as fans of the ever so popular wall-crawler, the one & only Spider-man. Now I also assume we all have seen what Spidey can do on the big screen i.e the Sam Raimi Spider-man trilogy & Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-man series. But very few times have we seen Spidey get a definitive run in our game consoles. Today I hope to change that :)

Gameplay: Taken inspiration "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" movie this game will send Spidey to all new heights in first person mode giving the player an all new sense of immersion when thrusts into the air & falling down back to the city only to sling a web at the last possible moment causing the Web-Head to do an iconic Spidey pose onward. This game will feature a parkour system in which the player can use Spider-man's abilities to his advantage such as if the player is in tight surfaces or in a place where web-swinging is just not option, they can string together a bunch of wall running/climbing, sliding, & jumping to get to their destination.
Combat: Similar to the two previous The Amazing Spider-Man Movie tie-in games this game will feature both stealth sections & traditional freeflow style "Beat-em-up" sections. Well you may ask how will this be any different then any other similar combat? Or how will this all work in the First-Person mode? Well to seek originality as levels progress the player will unlock new Spider-man suits & stats, with each suit offering a new style of combat, different moves , & abilities. For instance while Symbiotic Spider-man may offer a more brutal rush in & fight type of gameplay Spider-man noir offers a more stealth oriented gameplay which each suit will get upgrades based on their respective play styles. Ok so how will all this be possible in first person? An indicator will be placed near the top of the player's HUD, which will not only address that you're about to get hit but in the direction in which the enemy is about to hit you, by pressing the counter button you can avoid the attack then proceed with landing & few punches or kicks on the enemy. In stealth mode many have complained about the camera getting in the way but since the entire game is first-person this alleviates this issue. As well as you proceed through the game you will learn new & creative ways to dispatch your foes stealthily.
Monetary system: As the player completes certain challenges & missions they will earn money which can go to your upgrade system, but if the player causes damage to the city i.e crashing into a glass building you will be charged for it & the more damage the player causes, the more in debt they will be causing the player not to be able to get their desired upgrade.
Side-Missions: During & after the completion of the campaign the play will be able to participate in a whelm of side missions such as time trials, saving from burning buildings, bringing injured citizens to the hospital.
Random Events: Throughout the campaign the player will encounter random crimes around town by cameo appearances of those villains that haven't been apart of the main story.
Co-Op: Co-op will allow 2-4 different spider-men to roam around new york stop crime, & participate in its own separate co-op missions.
Remember these are work in progress ideas ready for change, just my 2 cents on how i'd make a entertaining Spidey game. Please share with friends or anyone for that matter so this game can possibly get noticed by the highers ups or dev teams :)

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